Redrive is about relearning and getting new skills to reduce accidents on our roads.


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About Redrive

Redrive is our brand and its all about traffic safety and awareness. Redrive is launching an iOS and Android application for driver education that gives you feedback on your driving skills, from your smartphone. The application will give you a score depending on your driving skills. New learning is presented in 3D, watch listen and answer the Q&A after each short session. Wait another week for a new skills session if your scores have not improved. The purpose of this application is to improve road traffic safety with an ongoing educational program and to encourage safe driving.


Redrive New Car Simulator

Our driving simulator uses a standard road car to show case your new product range. Clients can sit in the car and drive it even in the mall, it works anywhere. Do you have a new car product launch or event? Redrive New Car Simulator for any make or model. It comes with real driving scenarios. Instead of waiting for new car sales join us in the mall, activate your team with something new and refreshing. Come drive with us.

Redrive Event Simulators

Fixed simulator, learn real driving skills in city based scenarios. Large screen with both rear view and side mirrors, just like a real car. Easy to install. A great crowd puller at any event make your stand the one that stands out. #Tag Your simulator & share visitors picture to win a prize from your sponsors. Supplied with our own personnel to support you at your event in the mall. Book now for your event.


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